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Northern Illinois Quilt Fest

Northern Illinois Quilt Fest will be held July, August and September, 2011. As part of this event, anchor sites across Northern Illinois' six counties will be hosting a quilt exhibit for that three month period of time.

A few of the events will be highlighted in this brief synopsis but if you are interested in complete details please visit www.northernillinoisquiltfest.com.

July 30-31: Fashion Show and Quilt Show at DeSoto House Hotel, Galena

Parlors & Quilt Tour: July 16,17, 18, August 20,21,22 & September 17,18 & 19.

July 15- August 15: Civil War Quilt Trunk Show, Phat 1/4's Galena

July 16- Amish Quilt Display, Galena Brewery, Galena

July 20- Garden Lunch & Learn,Galena

July 27- An Afternoon with the First Ladies, Galena

August 18- Church Tour, Galena

August 24- Historic Garden Luncheon, Galena

For more information or to make reservations, contact us at 815-777-3849, email us, or click here to book online.
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